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Logan Aguilar
Specialize in Japanese Tattoos

Logan Aguilar
Head Artist & Co-owner

The Hidden Rose NYC, LLC. is co-owned by Logan Aguilar, who also serves as the Head Tattoo Artist, and his wife Jasmin Marquez- Aguilar. Jasmin holds the title of Studio Director where her responsibilities include handling all human resources related activities, ensuring the front office of The Studio (all client facing areas) operates efficiently, and is the first point of contact for business related matters and issues that require management review and/or approval.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Logan started drawing at the age of 6 years old. Throughout his youth, he had great teachers who pushed him to become a better artist and to take risks with his art. At the age of 12 he was received the honor of having one of his drawings displayed in the Brooklyn Museum. At 14 he met tattoo artist Tony Perez and fell in love with the culture of tattooing. Perez tattooed out of Manhattan and quickly offered Logan an apprenticeship, which was the beginning of Logan's tattoo career.

Logans' accolades include:

  • Tattooing alongside several world-famous artists including Paul Booth, Darwin Enriquez, Yomico Moreno, and Michela Bottin, among others

  • Winning various awards at conventions such as Tattoo Fest, Cigar City Tattoo Convention, and Scream Fest - Best Black and Gray, Best Portrait, and Best in Color

  • Publications of his work have appeared in Tattoo Review and Pain Magazines, among others

  • Featured on Freshly Inked on social media

  • Work referenced by top social media tattoo influencers

  • Sponsored by H2O Aftercare, World Famous Tattoo, and DermalizePro Aftercare products

Logan is known for his black and grey and photo-realism techniques and is always pushing his style of tattooing to new levels. From a very young age, Logan has been attracted to and inspired by nature and the world around him. He grew up watching “Wild America” and “The Joy of Painting”. Today, Logan’s artistic influences include Bob Ross, traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, H.R Giger, Clive Barker, his good friend, Wolfredo Soto, and “life itself”. He is now becoming one of New York City's best cover up tattoo artist, expertly adapting and innovating to meet and exceed expectations on even the toughest challenges by tapping into the vast knowledge, experience, and techniques he has developed over his now +25-year career.

Anyone who knows Logan knows he also has a passion for his community and giving back to it is one of his highest priorities. Logan loves to cultivate new talent - including his artistically talented wife who aspires to eventually develop her own tattoo career - and is dedicated to uplifting and showcasing other tattoo artist through coaching, mentoring, and guest features to hone their craft and abilities. Logan believes in pushing himself and others to the next level of what can be done with tattoo ink.

Finally, at The Hidden Rose NYC, The Studio will reflect the Owners' love of literature and the impact it has had on their lives as avid readers. Much of Logan's artwork in the past has been inspired by his passion for characters and concepts found in all types of literature. The Studio aesthetic will reflect that passion in its design with subtle reminders of brilliantly written imagery in their favorite literary works. 

Instagram: @loganaguilarart

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