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Tattoos and Pain Management: The Role of Numbing Creams

Nearly half of Americans under 40 sport tattoos, a testament to their soaring popularity. But for many, the anticipated pain is a deterrent. Enter tattoo numbing products—designed to mitigate pain, but not without controversy. Let’s dissect why some tattoo artists are skeptical and how others, including our own, navigate these concerns.

The Skepticism Around Numbing Creams:

  • Skin Texture: Numbing creams can alter skin texture, complicating the tattooing process for artists aiming for precision.

  • Allergic Reactions: Individual reactions can vary, posing a risk of adverse effects.

  • Time Delays: These creams require pre-application, potentially disrupting the flow of a scheduled session.

  • Diminishing Returns: For extensive tattoos, the effects may wane prematurely, resulting in discomfort midway through.

  • Pain as Tradition: Some purists view enduring pain as integral to the tattoo experience, tied to its historical significance

At Hidden Rose , quality and client comfort are paramount. Despite industry reservations, we’ve found a middle ground with H2 Ocean's NOTHING Fast-Acting Pain Relieving Foam Soap. This product, featuring lidocaine and aloe vera, not only numbs effectively but also sanitizes the skin during the tattooing process. Logan, one of our seasoned artists and sponsored by H2 Ocean, routinely applies this foam soap to ensure a more bearable experience for his clients. You can check out the product here.

Ready to take the plunge into your tattoo journey without the dread of pain? Schedule a free consultation with us at Hidden Rose NYC to discuss your vision and how we can make your tattooing experience comfortable. Book your appointment now and step into our studio with confidence. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, from initial concept to aftercare.

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