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Welcome to The Hidden Rose Tattoo Studio

Updated: Apr 22

Hey there, world! We will be talking about Tattoos, cover-ups, custom masterpieces, permanent makeup and everything that surrounds the culture . We're The Hidden Rose Tattoo Studio, nestled right in the heart of NYC's East Village. We're all about cultivating a cozy vibe, staying laid-back, and embracing the creative spirit that makes life a little more interesting.

From stunning black and grey work to captivating neo-traditional styles, our studio is where artistry meets expression. Specializing in custom designs, including the intricate beauty of Japanese tattoos, we blend your ideas with our expertise for something truly special. And when it comes to those cover-ups? Let's just say turning the old into something new is our forte.

So, if you're searching for a place where inspiration flows freely and good times are always on the agenda, you've come to the right spot. Stick around as we dive into tattoo trends, share glimpses of our behind-the-scenes antics, and spread the love for all things ink.

With a touch of tradition and a whole lot of charm, we're here to turn your tattoo dreams into reality. Come hang out with us – the welcome mat's always out.

Peace, love, and plenty of ink,

-The Hidden Rose Tattoo Studio 🌹

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